In the cold winter weather, the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures can not only destroy your hair but also reduce the necessary oil on your hair. We provide you with winter hair care that keeps your hair shiny and smooth at all times.

The scientific formula to cure hair. Invest in a hair care treatment. Go to a special salon to massage your hair. The hairdresser knows more about your hair and can give you the best solution. Let your hair return to natural health.

Pay attention to the water temperature. Do not use overheated water for shampooing in winter. Just use warm water. Excessive water can damage your hair follicles. When dry, it absorbs too much water and makes your hair more boring.

Pay attention to your heater or air conditioner. Heaters and air conditioners not only dry the skin but also damage the scalp. You can use a humidifier to reduce damage to your hair and scalp.

Use hair protection products to ensure your hair is water and oil balanced. Minimize the prevention of hair problems. Let your hair and scalp become moisturized and moisturized. Please be careful not to use too much.

Follow these tips and your hair should stay healthy this winter.

Do you want to have healthy, fluffy natural hair? The following tips will help you keep your healthy and strong hair:

Spray water

Spraying hair with water every day prevents drying and promotes health. However, the spray mixture includes glycerin, aloe vera and water have a greater effect on the hair!


maintain balance: The key to proper hair care is the balance. But when your curly hair is too soft, your hair balance may have some problems.

Hair products

When you have used a lot of hair products, you need to use them in order to avoid coarseness and seal the unused products to ensure the quality of the products.


We need time to rest and recover our hair. You can change your hairstyle or keep your original natural hairstyle.

Know your hair, use the right product, and let your hair have enough time to rest so that you have beautiful hair.

Shop better

3 synthetic wig and 1human hair wigs, which one do you wanna to choose? Apparently, the synthetic wig is much cheaper than the human hair wig in the market, but you really need too many synthetic wigs? If you always wear a wig go to work or any other formal place, I prefer you buy a human hair wig. More natural and flawless installment, no one will notice you wear a wig. The real look also improves your confidence. And the glueless wig now will not harm your scalp. One cost-benefit all your look.

Cycling look

If you choose one wig, what do you wanna think? Color, price, type, length, density and more. The last one you need to think about is the cycling look. 1 wig with different looks sounds better. You can change your hairstyle match your outfit. Then it will save a lot of money to buy another wig.

Women with naturally curly or wavy hair always battling frizz. The tips show you how to deal with this trouble.

Hard to fight frizz?

Every woman with curly or wavy hair agrees with one thing: too much frizz. Maybe you fight it, maybe you lose. This battle seems to be endless. So the frizz tends to occur when you:

The dry hair:

Your scalp always needs moisture. When your scalp is too dry, your hair will have a separate space with the scalp. You need to use the natural oil or spray water to keep you root moisture and hair shiny.

Process your hair too frequently :

Treatments like perms, dyes, relaxers, and even heat styling can ruin your hair and damage your scalp. Do not over styled your hair.

Wrong shampoo:

It is important to choose a shampoo suit your curly hair. After all, in the market, thousands of shampoos include different indigents, some indigent may make you have an allergic.


Do not shampoo too often:

Try shampoo every other day instead of daily use. Too much shampoo will bring the essential oil of your hair and let your scalp dry. No moisture hair of course frizz.

Stop ironing or straightening your hair daily:

Heat damage your hair, make your hair less shining.

Use wide-tooth comb:

Detangle your hair with the wide-tooth brush when showing. This prevents breakage and allows your curl as before.

For girls who like to change their hairstyles but don’t have much time to go to the salon, and don’t want to cut short or hurt their hair, a good lace wig is a must. Today you can have a brown curly bob, tomorrow you can have an ice blonde long hair. Your hair can still grow freely without being disturbed. As long as you take care of your hairline and edges.

“Ava” Brown Wig Curly Bob

“Snowwhite” Ice Blonde Hair 

HAIRVIVI‘s most important technology to a perfect blend is to be strategic and precise. The standard bleaching and plucking of the knots that make a good wig. The key to making the wig look real is actually having the person’s hairline in mind. It’s all about the perimeter. It’s all about sizing it up. Hairvivi try to clone the person’s scalp and skin.

Hairvivi ‘s wig installation process is completely custom and tailored to clients. Starts off by bleaching the knots of the wig. Wig knots are the clusters of hair that go into the holes of the wig that help to achieve the natural look of a real scalp. Bleaching the knots to match client’s complexion also helps to give that natural look.

Hairvivi brings wig to life. It is going viral.

Halloween is coming, if you want to wear your party costume perfectly, then you need a wig that matches your outfit. Be sure to pay attention to the coupons to save more money. And get the gifts!

Beige Blonde Hair Lace Wig   The hair is styled with waves for a warm look. Beige blonde color is a great balance to cool blonde hair, it is an ideal choice for you to try blonde hair but prefer a neutralize blonde. This kind of color is achieved on the Luxury ponytail hair, a great quality hair type for long lasting and light color. The roots including knots are colored to match with the whole look, but the hairline is still pre-plucked and baby hair is created.

“Reign” Layered Long Hair Wig With Voluminous Curls

Reign long wig is designed by “lovelybryana” with layered voluminous curls. The picture curls are one wear, but we add permanent waves that resemble this style, considering not every customer is an expert of curlers. It won’t bother you styling if you don’t want to. The permanent curls are wand so it will loosen up if you want to achieve the same tight look like the pictures, you can choose to simply add a curve to each wave.

Short Pixie Cut Wig Bob Style

Short pixie cut wig that is a great option. Length of 10 inches hangs above the shoulder and gives a break to the neck area. The 4.5″ lace in the front allows a deep side parting. Longer length on the right side makes this hair look chic and stylish. The cut at the back gives the hair a fuller look. The hairline is pre-plucked with transitional density, pre-bleached knots is a plus for realistic looking. An extra elastic band at the back enables the pixie cut hair to lay flatter.


How I maintain and keep the integrity of my wigs? How I keep my wigs clean? Here are some wig care tips.



For my wigs, I personally do not submerge them into the water. I feel like it gets tangled mated and loses the integrity of the wig. So what I do is I like to use a dry shampoo. Especially the one by herbal essences. You can buy them from Amazon. The dry shampoos are so convenient.

Just shake it and spray it on the hair. It literally revives the hair, takes that necessary oil for protecting the hair. Obviously, you can use this on human hair, but I also use it for my wigs as well. I find the dry shampoo does remove the excess oil but it also revives it. So if it seems like your wig is falling flat and it doesn’t have many waves. Try the dry shampoo and it might give it a boost of life.


The next thing I like to do is use a conditioning spray. You can also use dry conditioner and I like to use detangling conditioning spray. I just spray this onto the hair. I am careful with my wigs. I don’t swear a lot of it on this hair. I can easily run through this wig. After using the shampoo and the conditioner spray, it is perfectly fine and I love that.

Detangling is also super important in maintaining your wigs, especially if you have like wavy or straight wigs, super curly texture, kinky wigs. I don’t use a detangling brush to detangle it. I only use a paddle brush if I want it more fuller, bigger, larger, more volume but not for detangling. I prefer not to detangle kinky wigs. But for my wavy or my straight wigs detangling is a must. I like to use a large paddle brush there. Start from the ends just like your natural hair and move up. Which you can do is spray the conditioner spray on your hair and then go back in with your paddle brush, so that it is easier to detangle.

So if you find your curly or wavy wigs are starting to become flat, the curls are falling, One thing I love to do is to take a curling iron and then just curl the hair. You can take a small section of hair and begin to wrap the hair around the curling rod.

Okay, so since this is a wig. I like to go in with my blow dryer on medium heat and then kind of blow-dry the hair, not putting the blow dryer directly on the hair.  You can do a loose curl.


So my last tip is extremely important if you want your wig to last longer.  You have to store it properly. Storing your wig back in the box when you received. Especially the lazy girl, when you come home and you just throw your wig off and just throw it in the side. But girls, you know if you want to maintain her, you have to put her in her package. Put her back in her home.

This is so important to put this over your wig and then store your wig back into the bag. So use this, don’t throw wig away. This keeps all the hair together. It also holds the style. If you ever wonder how like when you pull the wig out the package the curls are still fresh, the hair is not going anywhere.

That is all for my wig maintenance and tips. Hope you enjoy it.

What is luxury ponytail hair?

Luxury ponytail hair is same with Brazilian virgin hair, for those who pursuit very good quality, we collect the hair from young donors under 30 only, the hair is cut as a ponytail. All of our hair is 100% virgin human hair with mono-directional cuticles.

We’ve spent a long time to resource better quality hair and set up our own acquisition team to collect this hair as our fixed raw material sources. As a real factory based company, quality is the most important thing that we will never compromise.

Why did we call it luxury ponytail hair?

Most companies advertise their hair as Brazilian virgin hair but it is not real Brazilian virgin hair. That’s why we call it luxury ponytail hair now to distinguish from others. The luxury ponytail hair has never been treated with artificial perming or coloring. This is the best and most healthy hair that can be bleached into snow blonde.

The character of luxury ponytail hair

Luxury ponytail hair is dense and rough. It is very popular on the market. Many people like this type of hair. Real luxury ponytail hair is pretty soft, hair can be curled, straightened, permed and colored. A variety of shapes can be made. 100% virgin hair is never processed or chemically treated, in a natural state, so it is intact, no odor, no shedding, and no tangles. With proper care, our luxury ponytail hair can last for more than a year.

Luxury ponytail hair has good hair texture, it comes from young donors under 30 and is always versatile. The expansion allows you to have more choices when you need Brazilian hair weaving.

They shine like your natural hair and won’t let anyone know that you wear a wig. Luxury ponytail hair is naturally thick and shiny. All of our hair use 100% virgin hair, which means they don’t contain any chemical processes.

Luxury ponytail hair is easy to style like your natural hair, it can be like your natural hair. You can design your hairstyle to suit your needs. And it’s easy to maintain and style because it won’t be as tangled as other poor quality hair. Most people choose to wear luxury ponytail hair because they are easy to build, so you can easily get the fun and charm of hairstyle.

Some hairstyles are stiffer and must be kept for a while to change or modify, but Brazilian weaving is not needed. If you don’t like your weaving, you can change it at any time or modify it without damaging your hair. It is more durable than other types of people.

Where to buy luxury ponytail hair? 


Hairvivi is a human hair lace wigs company. All of our wigs can be worn straight out of the box with hairline pre-plucked, knots prebleached, elastic band presewed and baby hair created. With the collaboration with US local stylists, we have many styles in awesome colors coming up.

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Lace wigs are more natural and have a variety of hairstyles. Follow these tips to find out how to wear lace without damage.

1.Protect your natural hair

If you have long hair, you can put a braided hair on your scalp to create a flat, thin surface, or if you have short hair, you can wrap it directly with a wig cap. Make sure all your hair is fixed before using any glue.

2. Right adhesive

Be sure to use glue that is specifically designed to hold lace wigs, not other unprofessional glue. When you wear a wig at a time, do a test to make sure you are not allergic to the glue you are about to use. Whenever you change a new glue, do a test for allergy. At the same time, the strength of the glue should be chosen according to the length of time you wear the wig and the upcoming activity. If you want to swim, run and other intense sports, make sure your glue strength can support you to complete the whole activity.

3. Take care of your hair

If you use wigs for a long time, you need to take special care on your scalp and hair regularly: clean your hair and scalp, dry your hair thoroughly, keep your scalp clean, and make sure your hair doesn’t become dry and fragile. If you are only wearing a wig for a short period of time, such as within a week, you can take scalp care after removing the wig. All care is done to keep your scalp from hair loss and other issues.

4. Remove your wig after six weeks

The maximum time you wear a wig depends on the type of glue you have. Some glues are only designed for short periods of time, about a week. If you want to wear a wig for a few weeks, don’t use short-term glue. At the end of the six weeks, be sure to remove the wig, perform thorough cleansing, intensive care, and moisturize the scalp.

5.Gentle removal methods

Never take the wig directly, this is the biggest damage to the scalp and hairline. When you want to take off the lace wig, use the specified adhesive remover, apply enough softening glue, and slowly remove the wig after the glue in the lace has failed. If you feel the glue still works, use the makeup remover again and try again in a few minutes.

Wigs can make you fascinating and change your everyday style easily. Be sure to give your wig plenty of time and attention, make sure your wig doesn’t hurt your scalp and have a beautiful look on a healthy basis.

Do you acturaly know the meaning of ” one stop shop” .

Hairvivi sells you the wig,they make the wig,they sew on a elastic band and they bleached knots. They pluck the part,they pluck the hairline. They do everything.

“You get a lot with this wig which justifies the price.

I keep thinking oh I spent over 300$ on a wig, but I also didn’t have to dye it,I also didn’t have to make it.I also didn’t have to put the elastic band and I also didn’t have to bleached knots.” said by one of the lovely customer from Hairvivi.

The hairline is pre-plucked, it is made to be wider & thinner so there will be no need for plucking to achieve this property.

The knots are bleahced without affecting the roots. It won’t cause shedding. It looks as natural as silk base wigs.

They sew an extra elastic band at the back, it can fits you well without using glue.

The first choice for the bignners & mom & students. They are all the best “ready to go” wigs.

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