Hairvivi Clip-in Bangs Offers the Quickest Way to Switch up Your Look

Getting bangs is a horrible thing. Even if you show your stylist a dozen pictures, you never really know what they’re going to look like until after your hair is chopped off. Hairvivi clip-in bangs will allow you to experiment new looks without risking your own strands. Hairvivi clip in bangs are specially designed in … Continue Reading

Lauren London Post a Tattoo Picture of Her Love Nipsey Hussle

  Nipsey Hussle, our superhero, was killed last month at age 33 in front of a store that he tried to use to empower his south central Los Angeles neighborhood. On Thursday, his public memorial service “Celebration of Life” was held in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, where the last celebrity funeral held at the concert arena … Continue Reading

Fake scalp wig: Worth the hype?

It has been many years since dark skin women find the better lace wigs, now Hairvivi has captured the magic of fake scalp method on their lace wig. Just made the women meet a new one: pre-made fake scalp wig. The goal of Hairvivi was to create a lace wig that looked natural but required … Continue Reading

Can You Brush Curly Hair?

Many girls are curious about brushing and combing curly hair. Some girls are currently only combing when hair is wet and not brushing at all as it causes frizzy hair but missing combing hair every day. Is this really going to cause a problem aside from possibly pulling hair out if it’s tangled? Washing every … Continue Reading

Fake scalp method: A new method to make your lace blend with your skin

How to make your lace blend effortlessly with your skin? how to hide those grids? The lace on this wig is a little bit tougher than the wigs I have been working with. If you are using the lace a little bit hard when you are going to get a more defined look. Better lace … Continue Reading

Winter Hair Care Tips You Should Follow

In the cold winter weather, the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures can not only destroy your hair but also reduce the necessary oil on your hair. We provide you with winter hair care that keeps your hair shiny and smooth at all times. The scientific formula to cure hair. Invest in a hair care … Continue Reading

Things to Make Your Hair Great

Do you want to have healthy, fluffy natural hair? The following tips will help you keep your healthy and strong hair: Spray water Spraying hair with water every day prevents drying and promotes health. However, the spray mixture includes glycerin, aloe vera and water have a greater effect on the hair! Balance maintain balance: The … Continue Reading

Ways To Buy Wigs More Sustainably

Shop better 3 synthetic wig and 1human hair wigs, which one do you wanna to choose? Apparently, the synthetic wig is much cheaper than the human hair wig in the market, but you really need too many synthetic wigs? If you always wear a wig go to work or any other formal place, I prefer … Continue Reading


Women with naturally curly or wavy hair always battling frizz. The tips show you how to deal with this trouble. Hard to fight frizz? Every woman with curly or wavy hair agrees with one thing: too much frizz. Maybe you fight it, maybe you lose. This battle seems to be endless. So the frizz tends … Continue Reading


For girls who like to change their hairstyles but don’t have much time to go to the salon, and don’t want to cut short or hurt their hair, a good lace wig is a must. Today you can have a brown curly bob, tomorrow you can have an ice blonde long hair. Your hair can … Continue Reading