Hairvivi one-stop shop !!!

Do you acturaly know the meaning of ” one stop shop” . Hairvivi sells you the wig,they make the wig,they sew on a elastic band and they bleached knots. They pluck the part,they pluck the hairline. They do everything. “You get a lot with this wig which justifies the price. I keep thinking oh I spent … Continue Reading

How is this a wig !!!

“I know this is gonna be the wig that I wear on my trip because it’s so low maintenance. there followers are going crazy over their wigs.” said by Timaloveslemons. “The front and hairline acturally very thin which is great but it’s not too thick like other wigs are whenever you first get the wig, … Continue Reading

The most natural look on your summer black bob lace front wig!!!Hairvivi

Do you know how to achieve the most natural look with your wig?Our summer style black bow lace front wig can solve everything on you, The only thing you need to do is just to put it on your head and it will achieve the most perfect and natural look. That’s in the front cuz … Continue Reading

No pains, no gains.

Only pay in exchange for harvest, although What you pay for is not always what you get, but no pay, but doomed to nothing. Everyone is eager to get the harvest, but rarely with the sowing mentality to make the behavior of sowing, but only sowing seeds, when there will be a harvest. On the … Continue Reading

The Sunlight!!!

The sun is the most important source of natural light, it shines the earth, making the whole world brilliant purples and reds, a riot of colors. The sunlight has many advantages to our health and it seems like a mother give all of her children energy, healthy, and warm love.she makes the world full of … Continue Reading


Dream is a kind of expectation for the future, which refers to the things that we want to be in the future or can be achieved but we must work hard to achieve. dream is a kind of thing that makes you feel happy, even it can be regarded as a kind of belief. The … Continue Reading

A cup of coffee

Coffee is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Followed by the “coffee culture” filled with every moment of life. Whether at home, in the office, or in a variety of social occasions, people are tasting the coffee, it gradually associated with fashion, modern life. Most of the people know that drink a … Continue Reading

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

As the saying goes an apple “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Besides the fact that it rhymes and makes the expression sound good and easy to remember, the question is does it really work? This expression has been widely used and is still one of the most popular ones in the past … Continue Reading