HairViVi clip-in bangs allow you to get 3 looks in 1 purchase. Whether you are a bang person or not, the HairViVi clip in bangs worth a try, because transformation is everything. So how to wear a clip-in bang? Here, this tutorial article would be helpful.

Step 1. Install you Hairvivi wig

HairViVi released pre-made fake scalp wig which now has also entered into an advanced version so you don’t need to worry about the longevity of fake scalp, the upgraded fake scalp is totally wearproof and lightweight. Together with elastic bangs, pre-plucked hairline, and pre-bleached knots, Hairvivi wig is the easiest wig to wear, you just need to cut the lace and put it on your head and go. But to make the bang look as realistic as possible, you can style the wig a little bit to give it a more natural looking.

Step 2. Clip it in & style it

This step is rather easy, you just need to open the clips and scoop a little hair, and then push the comb into the hair, and do the same thing for both sides. In this step, one thing you need to pay attention to is to make sure the place where you want to make the bangs lay on your head, and don’t make the bangs too close to your forehead or too far back. YouTube beauty influencer GiGi Beauty coincidentally put the bang far back her forehead and make herself laugh, though I believe it a funny but fabulous look, I just also burst into laughter as much loud as I can.

Sure, if you want to get Beyoncé bang as shown in the below picture, just do it. The hairstyle has no limitation, especially when it comes into clip-in bangs.

After clipping it in your hair, you can flat iron or curl the bang to make it blend into your wig flawlessly. But don’t put too much tension on it, since no matter how natural it is, the bang is not growing from your head.

Also, this step can be done before clipping the bang to your hair. The order is not inflexible.

Step 3. Cover it up

Go over the top and put some wig to cover up the top of the bang to make them melt perfectly.

You don’t need to cut the bangs indeed, but it depends on your own. If you like, cut it into a baby bang is also a good idea.

Step 4 Take selfies

The final step and the most important step is to take selfies and surprise your friends, skrrrrrr!



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