Getting bangs is a horrible thing. Even if you show your stylist a dozen pictures, you never really know what they’re going to look like until after your hair is chopped off. Hairvivi clip-in bangs will allow you to experiment new looks without risking your own strands.

Hairvivi clip in bangs are specially designed in V-shape, and the purpose is to make the bangs seamlessly blend with our lace wigs. As you can see in the below picture.

Hairvivi adds 2 bobby pins to secure it. It’s easy and quick to wear or take off as well. Before launching the bang, we have tested for times, and the bangs can withstand a “shake” test, which means the bang won’t be coming off unless someone snatches it off.

As you can see in the below picture, the result is perfect. With visible and natural parting, the bang looks like cutting from the wig, you can’t even say it is a clip-in bang!

The two long tendrils make the bang further melt with a wig and flatter your face shape.

Clip-in bangs are amazing. You will become a totally different person with a bang. It will instantly make you become unrecognizable in a fabulous way. With bangs, you may look younger than your age and cuter.

Without bangs, you may more mature. Hairvivi clip-in bangs add more versatility to the wig.

We have light and thick bangs for the option which can completely transform your look into another fabulous hairstyle. Both thick and light bangs have their own pros.
Thick bangs are great for balancing both short and long layers or concealing forehead space. Light wispy bangs hold a carefree feel, and as you can see in the picture, the light one is pretty much see-through. If you want a thicker look, you can use both two bangs to achieve.

Hairvivi clip-in bangs are made of 100% human hair, so it can last a long time if you keep them in a proper way. If you tend to touch your bang unconsciously, then your bang may get oily quickly, dry shampoo is recommended to be put on clean bangs to prevent them from looking too greasy towards the end of the day.

Hair should complement ourselves and make our life easier, not more difficult. So if you have to work hard to have a style or look, why not try Hairvivi clip in bangs.


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