Wig is back to fashion. Lots of A-list celebrities wear wigs in both big events and their day-to-day lives, which makes it is acceptable for women to wear wig openly. With wearing wig becoming no more a taboo, women actually like to wear wig everyday, so they expect more from wig. To make wigs look more natural and realistic, beauties try out whatever they can try. Then they applied the creative fake scalp method. While pros and cos are coexisted with this method. Then pre-made fake scalp wig is born.

With a stocking on head you can minimize the appearance of grids which makes the wig look more natural and realistic.

While this fake scalp method is rather time consuming, you have to do 3 layers of the glue to the stocking or it will roll, then you must wait a long time to dry the glue, so aren’t nobody got time for this method, especially when you want to just get up and go, then this method is definitely not a wise choice.

Without professional or skilled technique, you may ruin your wig with fake scalp method. Watch below:

If you take a right step and make the fake scalp method work for you, you can have the wig stay on your head for two weeks or more, while the wig will move back on your hairline through weeks and take your edges out, so who would like to wear wig every night for 2 weeks with the risk of hairline damage?

Pre-made fake scalp applies advanced crafts to avoid those cons.

With no stocking cap needed, pre-made bald scalp promises you a natural and realistic look just as stocking cap does. You can take it off every night and don’t need to sleep in your wig. Without worrying about time consuming, you can just slap it on your head and go. And the pre-plucked natural hairline and pre-bleached knots make steps easier to be done.

To be a lazy and beautiful women is no longer a pipe dream with pre-made bald scalp.

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