Creativity is rather significant.

Fake scalp wig solves all our worries about the fake scalp.

Fake scalp- say no to time-consuming and hard hair.

In the past, a wig is more for hair protection, while today, with wig coming back to fashion as a mainstream, it is more for beauty, and more and more black women are willing to wear wigs openly. YES! Why we don’t change our look every day if it’s achievable?

It’s known to all that women are always with huge potential targeting to be more gorgeous. It’s a principle fits wig wearers, they always have the magical ability to create new beauty ideas, like the born of fake scalp method, that’s just so wise!

I was sooo attracted by fake scalp method and addicted to watching the videos all day. However, a review of the disadvantages of a fake scalp method dragged me out from addiction to fake scalp, I begin to rethink about it. I saw many comments under fake scalp method reviews, and many would say “wooow, this is soooo amazing, I’ve never heard about such method, I’m definitely going to try it”.

While most of them turned back with “oooooh nope! It’s time-consuming, I’m fine with just throwing my wig cap on and holding my wig down with my got 2b glue.” Yes, this method does make the hair look more natural and realistic, but hard hair caused by gel and glue is making it a much more difficult process than it needs to be.

To fake scalp method, someone even comments that “people need to stop trying to be creative”. My first reaction is freaking OMG! In my deep mind, human beings are born to be creative. And being creative is not limited to be creative on certain fields. Everything needs creativity, so does wig. Fake scalp method is not perfect, while to be more creative can make it flawless, and Hairvivi is the one to be more creative—they create a pre-made fake scalp, which permits our lazy and satisfies our beauty dream.

 Pre-made fake scalp solves problems we have met with. What we need to do is just to slap the wig on our head and go, don’t need to worry about time or the hard hair caused by the glue/gel. The pre-made fake scalp fully meets our demands, which allows no cap, no cornrow, no stocking cap and minimizes the appearance of grids of our lace wig. And with pre-bleached knots and pre-plucked natural hairline, the wig installing is no more a sophisticated process.

 The pre-made fake scalp does make sense. It’s a time saver and effortless beauty maker. In total, it’s a genius creativity for our wig wearers. So why not wear it?


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