It has been many years since dark skin women find the better lace wigs, now Hairvivi has captured the magic of fake scalp method on their lace wig. Just made the women meet a new one: pre-made fake scalp wig.

The goal of Hairvivi was to create a lace wig that looked natural but required minimal time installing. Together with the fake scalp method, Hairvivi settled on a combination of realistic wig look and quick glue-less wearing.

Perfect bleached knots for the skinny part. Hairvivi improves the technology of bleaching and has strict quality control. Every wig sent from Hairvivi was high-quality human hair lace wig. Especially with the fake scalp method, the perfect bleached knots under the pre-made fake scalp wig will give you the skinny part. Don’t worry about the over-bleached. With the 5.5in deeper parting, the part will look like your own scalp, you can part your hair anywhere.

The pre-plucked hairline for the natural look. Hairvivi plucked the hairline to make your lace wig more natural and easier to fit your head. The hair of the plucked hairline will look like growing from your own head. From front to back, the hair density of the wig has a natural transition. With the pre-made fake scalp wig and the plucked hairline, you will get the natural edges without any damage.

The elastic band already sewed in. No glue, no gel, no adhesive. You can just put the wig on straight out of the box for the adjustable elastic band inside the wig will help your wig secure and safe. Also, it’s a great way to protect your edges and scalp. No damage will be caused by glue. You will feel snug when your lace wig made with the fake scalp method and pre-sewed elastic band.

Unlike the normal lace wig that requires the cornrows and wig cap under the wig, The goal of Hairvivi pre-made fake scalp wig was to keep the customer out of messy steps and hair damage when wearing the wig. The fake scalp method is the protective barrier between the wig and your scalp. The wig with this method will hide your own hair adequately, allow for air circulation to your scalp and make your hair retain moisture.

The best caps are made from lace. This pre-made fake scalp wig also. Every hair is individually sewn into the cap to achieve a very natural hairline and look. Also, the cap is very suitable which makes it comfortable and matching for dark skin women.

The pre-made fake scalp wig from Hairvivi is the perfect transition to start moving away from unnatural wig look and hair damage. It really a good option for wig beginners, lazy girls and the women who pursue the realist wig look.

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