Regina King won best supporting actress for her role Sharon Rivers, a fiercely protective mother in If Beale Street Could Talk.

Her performance makes people feel the soul of  the character.

From her interviews we get that in the book, actually Sharon has a shawl. She puts the shawl on, then she takes the shawl off. And after Regina read the book she asked the director Barry “What if it was a wig?”, she said in an chat with W magazine. We can also find the reason in HelloBeautiful’s interview, “Every black woman who I know that wear wigs, it’s not necessarily because they don’t like their hair or their hair isn’t long or short. It’s armor you’re putting on to do whatever you’re going to do,”

Yes, wig is special for black women, for them wearing a wig is not only a protective way to their hair, it means beauty, change, and strength.

In the chat with Hello Beautiful, Regina expressed her opinion on the importance of wig for black women.
“We love to change our looks. We also feel like a new person each time we make that change,” she smiled. “We were in 1974. And that’s so much of what it was: women were deciding what jewels they were wearing, what little scarf pin to put on. All of those things and details were really important, especially in the ‘70s, and I wanted to embrace that.”


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