Wearing a wig is not only an advisable option for changing hair style, but also a good way to avoid damage to your hair. More and more women are willing to wear a wig.

As a beginner, since you are unfamiliar with how to install the wig, so you may be bothered with mass problems. Cutting lace on the wig will be the first step to install a wig, therefore, how to cut the lace is going to be the first question waiting to be solved.

And the following specific steps are super beginner-friendly.

Following these steps to have a cute experience of cutting the lace on a wig

Step 1: Cut the corner close to ear off

Pin the hair over back. It’s a way to help you know what you are working. Then cut the corner close to ear off, and you just have the lace literally ear to ear.

Step 2: Cut lace into sections

In this step, cutting straight across is not suggested, because when you cut straight across, your hairline is going to look like a wig.

While if you have the sections you pretty much can cut it very easily without basically messing up.

Step 3: Trim away

Pushing the baby hair back, and literally you can trim away, in this step, trying to do zigzag is suggested.

Just go an up-down and up-down motion

You can choose whatever tools you feel comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable with the razor you can use scissors, just snip without trying to snip your skin.

It is one of the most helpful and easiest methods for newbies, so we hope that the information can help you beginners to have a wonderful experience on the way installing a wig. We believe that cutting lace with this method will make your hair look beautiful and natural. Just try it!


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