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3 synthetic wig and 1human hair wigs, which one do you wanna to choose? Apparently, the synthetic wig is much cheaper than the human hair wig in the market, but you really need too many synthetic wigs? If you always wear a wig go to work or any other formal place, I prefer you buy a human hair wig. More natural and flawless installment, no one will notice you wear a wig. The real look also improves your confidence. And the glueless wig now will not harm your scalp. One cost-benefit all your look.

Cycling look

If you choose one wig, what do you wanna think? Color, price, type, length, density and more. The last one you need to think about is the cycling look. 1 wig with different looks sounds better. You can change your hairstyle match your outfit. Then it will save a lot of money to buy another wig.

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