Women with naturally curly or wavy hair always battling frizz. The tips show you how to deal with this trouble.

Hard to fight frizz?

Every woman with curly or wavy hair agrees with one thing: too much frizz. Maybe you fight it, maybe you lose. This battle seems to be endless. So the frizz tends to occur when you:

The dry hair:

Your scalp always needs moisture. When your scalp is too dry, your hair will have a separate space with the scalp. You need to use the natural oil or spray water to keep you root moisture and hair shiny.

Process your hair too frequently :

Treatments like perms, dyes, relaxers, and even heat styling can ruin your hair and damage your scalp. Do not over styled your hair.

Wrong shampoo:

It is important to choose a shampoo suit your curly hair. After all, in the market, thousands of shampoos include different indigents, some indigent may make you have an allergic.


Do not shampoo too often:

Try shampoo every other day instead of daily use. Too much shampoo will bring the essential oil of your hair and let your scalp dry. No moisture hair of course frizz.

Stop ironing or straightening your hair daily:

Heat damage your hair, make your hair less shining.

Use wide-tooth comb:

Detangle your hair with the wide-tooth brush when showing. This prevents breakage and allows your curl as before.

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