For girls who like to change their hairstyles but don’t have much time to go to the salon, and don’t want to cut short or hurt their hair, a good lace wig is a must. Today you can have a brown curly bob, tomorrow you can have an ice blonde long hair. Your hair can still grow freely without being disturbed. As long as you take care of your hairline and edges.

“Ava” Brown Wig Curly Bob

“Snowwhite” Ice Blonde Hair¬†

HAIRVIVI‘s most important technology to a perfect blend is to be strategic and precise. The standard bleaching and plucking of the knots that make a good wig. The key to making the wig look real is actually having the person’s hairline in mind. It’s all about the perimeter. It’s all about sizing it up. Hairvivi try to clone the person’s scalp and skin.

Hairvivi ‘s wig installation process is completely custom and tailored to clients. Starts off by bleaching the knots of the wig. Wig knots are the clusters of hair that go into the holes of the wig that help to achieve the natural look of a real scalp. Bleaching the knots to match client’s complexion also helps to give that natural look.

Hairvivi brings wig to life. It is going viral.

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