Halloween is coming, if you want to wear your party costume perfectly, then you need a wig that matches your outfit. Be sure to pay attention to the coupons to save more money. And get the gifts!

Beige Blonde Hair Lace Wig   The hair is styled with waves for a warm look. Beige blonde color is a great balance to cool blonde hair, it is an ideal choice for you to try blonde hair but prefer a neutralize blonde. This kind of color is achieved on the Luxury ponytail hair, a great quality hair type for long lasting and light color. The roots including knots are colored to match with the whole look, but the hairline is still pre-plucked and baby hair is created.

“Reign” Layered Long Hair Wig With Voluminous Curls

Reign long wig is designed by “lovelybryana” with layered voluminous curls. The picture curls are one wear, but we add permanent waves that resemble this style, considering not every customer is an expert of curlers. It won’t bother you styling if you don’t want to. The permanent curls are wand so it will loosen up if you want to achieve the same tight look like the pictures, you can choose to simply add a curve to each wave.

Short Pixie Cut Wig Bob Style

Short pixie cut wig that is a great option. Length of 10 inches hangs above the shoulder and gives a break to the neck area. The 4.5″ lace in the front allows a deep side parting. Longer length on the right side makes this hair look chic and stylish. The cut at the back gives the hair a fuller look. The hairline is pre-plucked with transitional density, pre-bleached knots is a plus for realistic looking. An extra elastic band at the back enables the pixie cut hair to lay flatter.


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