“I know this is gonna be the wig that I wear on my trip because it’s so low maintenance. there followers are going crazy over their wigs.” said by Timaloveslemons.

“The front and hairline acturally very thin which is great but it’s not too thick like other wigs are whenever you first get the wig, Ithe frontal piece of that is not super thick,your hairline would naturally not have a lot of hair in the frontal so the way they made this is really really nice and it looks really really natural.”

Why is she so in love with Hairvivi wig. Hairvivi wigs are so popular on YouTube now for the pre-plucked hairline and pre-pleached knots. Pre-sew in elastic band can make the wig fixed week without glue.

For the hairvivi units. all you need to do is just wear it and all you need to do is just the edge control and it stays very falt on your head.They all makes the wig looks natural as well.

The wig is really customized already,now one thing about Hairvivi wigs compare the other wig companies it’s just that they acturally spend time on the fontatl of the wig so it does go from ear to ear as far as it goes.What they do is that they make sure that there are less hair on the frontal rather than the rest of the hair.

For the trip, this wig will be your first choice. it don’t need to use any glue or gel. it can easy to wear and take off. you don’t need to wash it to remove and it won’t move anywhere.It’s so sung. The lace front will not be lift up, it’s stay where it’s at.

Choose the Hairvivi lace wigs for your trip. work or school. It will be your best choice!!!!

Hairvivi other bomb wigs.


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