Regina King won best supporting actress for her role Sharon Rivers, a fiercely protective mother in If Beale Street Could Talk.

Her performance makes people feel the soul of  the character.

From her interviews we get that in the book, actually Sharon has a shawl. She puts the shawl on, then she takes the shawl off. And after Regina read the book she asked the director Barry “What if it was a wig?”, she said in an chat with W magazine. We can also find the reason in HelloBeautiful’s interview, “Every black woman who I know that wear wigs, it’s not necessarily because they don’t like their hair or their hair isn’t long or short. It’s armor you’re putting on to do whatever you’re going to do,”

Yes, wig is special for black women, for them wearing a wig is not only a protective way to their hair, it means beauty, change, and strength.

In the chat with Hello Beautiful, Regina expressed her opinion on the importance of wig for black women.
“We love to change our looks. We also feel like a new person each time we make that change,” she smiled. “We were in 1974. And that’s so much of what it was: women were deciding what jewels they were wearing, what little scarf pin to put on. All of those things and details were really important, especially in the ‘70s, and I wanted to embrace that.”


Wearing a wig is not only an advisable option for changing hair style, but also a good way to avoid damage to your hair. More and more women are willing to wear a wig.

As a beginner, since you are unfamiliar with how to install the wig, so you may be bothered with mass problems. Cutting lace on the wig will be the first step to install a wig, therefore, how to cut the lace is going to be the first question waiting to be solved.

And the following specific steps are super beginner-friendly.

Following these steps to have a cute experience of cutting the lace on a wig

Step 1: Cut the corner close to ear off

Pin the hair over back. It’s a way to help you know what you are working. Then cut the corner close to ear off, and you just have the lace literally ear to ear.

Step 2: Cut lace into sections

In this step, cutting straight across is not suggested, because when you cut straight across, your hairline is going to look like a wig.

While if you have the sections you pretty much can cut it very easily without basically messing up.

Step 3: Trim away

Pushing the baby hair back, and literally you can trim away, in this step, trying to do zigzag is suggested.

Just go an up-down and up-down motion

You can choose whatever tools you feel comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable with the razor you can use scissors, just snip without trying to snip your skin.

It is one of the most helpful and easiest methods for newbies, so we hope that the information can help you beginners to have a wonderful experience on the way installing a wig. We believe that cutting lace with this method will make your hair look beautiful and natural. Just try it!


Many girls are curious about brushing and combing curly hair.

Some girls are currently only combing when hair is wet and not brushing at all as it causes frizzy hair but missing combing hair every day.

Is this really going to cause a problem aside from possibly pulling hair out if it’s tangled? Washing every five to seven days and co-wash with conditioner every two to three days and use a scant bit of gel. Is it right?


Just creating a hair routine that suits you.


What should I do to detangling my curly hair?

Instead of brushing, detangling it at the end of the day with a little water spray or leave-in conditioner might work or alternatively, adding in a head massage as part of your hair routine.

It can be a nice way to mark the end of the day, to relax and unwind.

If you wear the human hair lace wig, you need to take care of the hair on the wig.

The hair products are essential.

You can use the curly hairbrushes for your wavy and curly hair:

Wide Tooth Comb

Mason Pearson Brush

The Denman Brush

Tangle Teezer

Use the curly hairbrushes and care your curly hair.

How to make your lace blend effortlessly with your skin? how to hide those grids?

The lace on this wig is a little bit tougher than the wigs I have been working with. If you are using the lace a little bit hard when you are going to get a more defined look. Better lace that you have on a wig, the better this technique will work, but it will work for all wigs unless it’s just like a regular wig or something. You will be able to part your wig anywhere you want to without any grits or lace showing, so put your wig up and the best thing about this method that I really like is the fact that it can suit every skin tone. So I’m really excited about that. I’m going to start rambling now. I’m gonna share with you guys how to do my method.

The cap that I’m going to be working with is a 360 lace wig cap. This will for any type of wig. That is a lace wig, so as you can see the grids are very visible, the knots are very visible. So this is how your wig will start off when you take it straight out the box normally. I’m going to transform this and every step that I do is going to be very important.

The first thing I’m going to do is apply the wig inside-out onto a canvas head and we’re going to remove the combs from the inside of this cap because if you leave them there, it will not look natural. The easiest ways to remove combs is to take a razor and just cut right there at the threads. This will ensure that you will not put a hole in your lace.

You want to make sure that you bleach the knots on your wig. Do not skip this step. It’s very important to make the fake scalp method to work properly. I’m just going to bleach the knots and then to let this sit for 30 minutes and then I’m going to rinse.

This next step is optional that I like to tweeze the hairline to make it look more natural. If the wig has a more straight across hairline, I’m definitely going to just remove a lot of the hair from the front. If your hairline around the front is too thick, you’re not going to see the fake scalp method through all of the hair, so you probably want to take the time and do this depending on what your preference is. It could take anywhere from an hour to 2 to 3 hours. But like I said this step is optional, so you do not have to do it.

If your wig is wet, you definitely want to dry it before you do this method. I am just going to blow dry this hair. I like to start styling my wig on the mannequin head. Because it actually helps me to get a quicker application especially if I am in a rush the next day, my wig our way to be prepared.

I am going to go ahead to add some curls to this wig. I don’t know why I always like to style my wigs before I actually go do anything that has to do with the application. So I am just styling this wig and make sure that the curls and stuff are already done so when it’s time to apply it to my hair. I don’t have to do anything to it except for putting it on and go and that’s the convenience of styling your wig on a mannequin rather than on your head.

You’re going to need some knee-highs and I love this method with the knee-highs because they come in multiple colors so I got the color nude. You can find these at any drugstore or anywhere.

I’m going to put that cap on a mannequin inside out and then I’m going to apply this stocking cap over the whole wig. Then I’m taking the got 2b glue blasting free spray. I’m going to spray this all over the cap where the hairline starts and where the rest of the cap of the lace in the front is and then I’m going to blow-dry it, so make sure it nice and secure and then I’m gonna take another layer of that freezing spray and spread again and just like when you’re applying the ball stocking cap. This is almost the same method but it’s on the wig instead which makes it less messy and a lot easier to do. Now I am just going to cut away all the extra cap that I don’t need.

The best thing about applying the cap to the wig instead of your hair is that if you have multiple wigs, you can prep your wigs prior to wearing them, which will save you a lot more time. As you can see, it looks really good, it blends with that lace perfectly.

Make sure your knee-high matches your scalp color. I am going to add a little bit more of that freezing spray to get rid of the edges from the cap and then I’m going to blow-dry it down some more. It is very secure and it’s not going anywhere.

The only con you can get with this is that the hairline will be a little bit stiff but that is not really an issue. All you have to do is just brush it back. Do not apply water because water will remove it. As you brush the edges and also just style it a little bit the hardness will loosen up. That’s nothing to really worry about. If your wig cap is already applied to the wig, all you have to do is glue it down. One less step you have to worry about during your application process.

I am going to take the got 2b glue and I’m going to go ahead and adhere this wig to the front of my hair. You guys just need me to do this plenty of times.

Look how well the stocking cap, the lace just blends with my skin and I’m even done styling this wig yet. This is just it just sitting on my head. I am just glowing it down and one thing I do know that this method actually helps the got 2b glue feel a lot secure than just applying it to your skin in a lace and I’m pretty sure you use a regular wig glue it will hold securely also as long as you clean away any residue of oil around your hairline. So let me show you guys the parting, the parting looks pretty good now I do feel like the cap could be a little bit lighter. I can probably go back and add some foundation over the cap or something that might help. But I like the results and like I said this method is a lot simpler than my first on because you don’t have to sew anything and it’s just really helpful to give you a real scalp light look.

In the cold winter weather, the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures can not only destroy your hair but also reduce the necessary oil on your hair. We provide you with winter hair care that keeps your hair shiny and smooth at all times.

The scientific formula to cure hair. Invest in a hair care treatment. Go to a special salon to massage your hair. The hairdresser knows more about your hair and can give you the best solution. Let your hair return to natural health.

Pay attention to the water temperature. Do not use overheated water for shampooing in winter. Just use warm water. Excessive water can damage your hair follicles. When dry, it absorbs too much water and makes your hair more boring.

Pay attention to your heater or air conditioner. Heaters and air conditioners not only dry the skin but also damage the scalp. You can use a humidifier to reduce damage to your hair and scalp.

Use hair protection products to ensure your hair is water and oil balanced. Minimize the prevention of hair problems. Let your hair and scalp become moisturized and moisturized. Please be careful not to use too much.

Follow these tips and your hair should stay healthy this winter.

Do you want to have healthy, fluffy natural hair? The following tips will help you keep your healthy and strong hair:

Spray water

Spraying hair with water every day prevents drying and promotes health. However, the spray mixture includes glycerin, aloe vera and water have a greater effect on the hair!


maintain balance: The key to proper hair care is the balance. But when your curly hair is too soft, your hair balance may have some problems.

Hair products

When you have used a lot of hair products, you need to use them in order to avoid coarseness and seal the unused products to ensure the quality of the products.


We need time to rest and recover our hair. You can change your hairstyle or keep your original natural hairstyle.

Know your hair, use the right product, and let your hair have enough time to rest so that you have beautiful hair.

Shop better

3 synthetic wig and 1human hair wigs, which one do you wanna to choose? Apparently, the synthetic wig is much cheaper than the human hair wig in the market, but you really need too many synthetic wigs? If you always wear a wig go to work or any other formal place, I prefer you buy a human hair wig. More natural and flawless installment, no one will notice you wear a wig. The real look also improves your confidence. And the glueless wig now will not harm your scalp. One cost-benefit all your look.

Cycling look

If you choose one wig, what do you wanna think? Color, price, type, length, density and more. The last one you need to think about is the cycling look. 1 wig with different looks sounds better. You can change your hairstyle match your outfit. Then it will save a lot of money to buy another wig.

Women with naturally curly or wavy hair always battling frizz. The tips show you how to deal with this trouble.

Hard to fight frizz?

Every woman with curly or wavy hair agrees with one thing: too much frizz. Maybe you fight it, maybe you lose. This battle seems to be endless. So the frizz tends to occur when you:

The dry hair:

Your scalp always needs moisture. When your scalp is too dry, your hair will have a separate space with the scalp. You need to use the natural oil or spray water to keep you root moisture and hair shiny.

Process your hair too frequently :

Treatments like perms, dyes, relaxers, and even heat styling can ruin your hair and damage your scalp. Do not over styled your hair.

Wrong shampoo:

It is important to choose a shampoo suit your curly hair. After all, in the market, thousands of shampoos include different indigents, some indigent may make you have an allergic.


Do not shampoo too often:

Try shampoo every other day instead of daily use. Too much shampoo will bring the essential oil of your hair and let your scalp dry. No moisture hair of course frizz.

Stop ironing or straightening your hair daily:

Heat damage your hair, make your hair less shining.

Use wide-tooth comb:

Detangle your hair with the wide-tooth brush when showing. This prevents breakage and allows your curl as before.

For girls who like to change their hairstyles but don’t have much time to go to the salon, and don’t want to cut short or hurt their hair, a good lace wig is a must. Today you can have a brown curly bob, tomorrow you can have an ice blonde long hair. Your hair can still grow freely without being disturbed. As long as you take care of your hairline and edges.

“Ava” Brown Wig Curly Bob

“Snowwhite” Ice Blonde Hair 

HAIRVIVI‘s most important technology to a perfect blend is to be strategic and precise. The standard bleaching and plucking of the knots that make a good wig. The key to making the wig look real is actually having the person’s hairline in mind. It’s all about the perimeter. It’s all about sizing it up. Hairvivi try to clone the person’s scalp and skin.

Hairvivi ‘s wig installation process is completely custom and tailored to clients. Starts off by bleaching the knots of the wig. Wig knots are the clusters of hair that go into the holes of the wig that help to achieve the natural look of a real scalp. Bleaching the knots to match client’s complexion also helps to give that natural look.

Hairvivi brings wig to life. It is going viral.

Halloween is coming, if you want to wear your party costume perfectly, then you need a wig that matches your outfit. Be sure to pay attention to the coupons to save more money. And get the gifts!

Beige Blonde Hair Lace Wig   The hair is styled with waves for a warm look. Beige blonde color is a great balance to cool blonde hair, it is an ideal choice for you to try blonde hair but prefer a neutralize blonde. This kind of color is achieved on the Luxury ponytail hair, a great quality hair type for long lasting and light color. The roots including knots are colored to match with the whole look, but the hairline is still pre-plucked and baby hair is created.

“Reign” Layered Long Hair Wig With Voluminous Curls

Reign long wig is designed by “lovelybryana” with layered voluminous curls. The picture curls are one wear, but we add permanent waves that resemble this style, considering not every customer is an expert of curlers. It won’t bother you styling if you don’t want to. The permanent curls are wand so it will loosen up if you want to achieve the same tight look like the pictures, you can choose to simply add a curve to each wave.

Short Pixie Cut Wig Bob Style

Short pixie cut wig that is a great option. Length of 10 inches hangs above the shoulder and gives a break to the neck area. The 4.5″ lace in the front allows a deep side parting. Longer length on the right side makes this hair look chic and stylish. The cut at the back gives the hair a fuller look. The hairline is pre-plucked with transitional density, pre-bleached knots is a plus for realistic looking. An extra elastic band at the back enables the pixie cut hair to lay flatter.